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Helping Automotive Companies Avoid Negligent Hires

Employee Relations has been providing Automobile Dealerships for over 15 years with fast, efficient and accurate Pre-Employment Background Investigations and drug testing. Every Dealership is looking for honest, reliable, and friendly employees.

Today, Dealerships are struggling with the same issues:
  • Identity Theft
  • Employee Absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Workplace Violence
Select the right person for the job by performing background checks and screening for substance abuse.

Your Salespeople, Cashiers, Service advisors, and Parts Counter staff make an important first impression with customers. Your employees handle thousands of dollars every day and are responsible for safeguarding non-public private information of your customers. Make sure that you do not hire the wrong person before it is too late.

Employee Relations Offers The Following Pre-Employment Screening Services:
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