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The E-Application Produces Many Benefits Most Employers May Not Have Considered Including Reducing Advertising Costs For Recruiting Employees

Our tests, around the country, showed as much as a 25% increase in the total number of applications received when the E-Application was used, as well as a significant rise in the quality of applicants who applied online. The built-in ability to complete common HR forms utilizing the data in the E-Application is a feature most employers find very appealing, and application tracking, routing, review and storage problems are all but eliminated.

The E-Application works on your website, where you can post an "Apply Online" icon so applicants can fill out the employment application from wherever they have Internet access. Immediate review of the application is available on a 24/7 basis following submission by the applicant.

The advantages to an online application or E-Application are:
  • Increases the number of applicants
  • Improves the caliber of the applicants
  • Job opening descriptions can be tailored to your needs
  • Job opening descriptions only need to be entered one time and are "opened" and "closed" as needed with the click of a mouse
  • Applications are legible
  • Ensures essential information is not left off of the application
  • Captures legally binding "electronic" signatures
  • Controls the application process by keeping all applications in one place
  • Applications are easily retrievable by name, position or date
  • Applications are retained by the system
  • Allows for simple "click through" for HR to request a background check
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