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Employee Relations Will Help You With An Employee Policy Manual, Which Is A Critical "Must Have" For Any Organization With Employees

Creating an Employee Policy Manual should be a top priority for your business. An Employee Policy Manual is the foundation upon which the employer builds its workplace culture, as well as its legal defenses. If you don't have one, we recommend you get one immediately.

If you already have one, you should ensure that it has been recently updated to comply with the constantly changing State and Federal Laws. Along with saving you time, such manuals can improve employee morale, prevent disagreements and even keep the company out of court.

Seven Reasons for Creating an Employee Policy Manual

Employee Relations will:
  • Help you develop your Employee Policy Manual
  • Tailor your manual to meet your organization's needs
  • Make sure your manual is compliant with State/Federal Laws
  • Post your Employee Policy Manual Online
An Employee Policy Manual can shift the onus for complying with government workplace, safety and other regulations to employees by putting them on notice of these responsibilities.

You will have the option to upload your own Policy Manual or have Employee Relations develop and upload a Policy Manual for your company. This feature is available both on the Member Site as well as on the GoEmployee.com site for easy accessibility. This will also help your company eliminate expensive printing costs.
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