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Employee Relations Offers A One-Stop Solution To The Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Better Know As Red Flags

In 2005, the last year the FTC collected data, there were over 8 million victims of Identity Theft in the United States. In its efforts to control the rising stream of Identity Thefts, the FTC has rolled out the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act with a series of Red Flags Rules.

Part of the Red Flags law requires all Financial Institutions, which includes Banks and Automobile Dealerships to develop and disseminate an Identity Theft Prevention Program or ITPP.

Learn More about Red Flags

We at Employee Relations can:
  • Help you identify the Red Flags that affect your company
  • Help you develop an ITPP
  • Provide online Red Flags training to affected employees in English and Spanish
  • Keep track of who needs to take the training and who is up for renewal - The Red Flags law requires all affected employees to be trained annually
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